Easy Tek Dek’s slip resistance

Easy Tek Dek is classified with a C for slip resistance with barefoot (DIN 51097 (inclination test up to 24 degrees) and a slip resistance value with shoes (DIN 51130) of R11 (inclination test up to 27 degrees).

Certification for Easy Tek Dek

din 51097
Class rating with barefoot
din 51097
Normering met de blote voet

How do you measure slip resistance?

The classification and R-value (slip reistance value) are linked to the German DIN 51097 and DIN 51130 standardisations. They measure the slip resistance with an inclination test, in order to assess the slip resistance (grip) of the surface.

It works like this: a test person walks over an inclining platform (slope) where the flooring material has been applied to. The floor is lubricated with oil and during the test the inclination of the platform will be increased step by step. As soon as the test person starts to feel uncomfortable and the floor therefore offers insufficient slip resistance, the angle of inclination of the floor (the R-value) is determined.