Installation of synthetic teak deck: the full service package

As professional synthetic teak deck suppliers, we are active both at home and abroad. We are happy to take the worry off your hands by carrying out complete teak look upholstering for your boat or ship. Your wishes will be discussed in detail during an inventory. We are happy to provide advice based on our experiences. Would you prefer a price indication first? We can usually provide a price based on a drawing or clear photo with some measurements. A direct quote can also be given during a visit to the location of the boat or ship.

Our method

When you choose our full-service package, you will not need to worry about anything. Based on the supplied photos or drawings with measurements that you send to us, we provide a target price per square meter. If you agree with this, we will make a visit to create molds of all of the elements on which the synthetic teak deck will be installed. This takes us approximately two to three hours. The lines, details, finishing pieces, edge finishing and your specific wishes are noted on the mold. Your own ideas can also be included in the design (for example, special cutouts for a name or initials).

We provide an exact price based on the molds and your wishes. After that, the production of the decks is agreed upon. The complete upholstery (decks, gangways, hatches, and stairs) is made all at once in our workshop. We ensure that all lines and seams flow neatly together. This creates a harmonious and high-quality deck that is 100% waterproof.

When synthetic teak decks are ready, an appointment is scheduled to assemble them. Depending on the size of the boat or ship, this will take one to two days. The teak decks are glued and sealed with high-quality products. You are guaranteed a quality covering and can immediately enjoy the result.

We offer a standard five-year warranty on our services and products with our full-service package!

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A new synthetic teak deck for your boat or ship can be carefree and risk free, delivered finished and ready for use.