Easy Tek Dek: Synthetic teak decking

Easy Tek Dek provides the synthetic alternative to traditional teack decks

Synthetic teack decking

Easy-Tek-Dek provides a synthetic alternative to traditional teak decks for ships and boats. With an eye for sustainability and quality, we offer options for the installation of a low-maintenance deck on your boat or ship, indoors and/or outdoors. Our synthetic teak floors contain a special composition that makes the material resistant to salt water, UV light, and other weather influences. Moreover, a teak look floor like this is much lighter than a traditional teak deck.

Our synthetic teak floors can be used for a variety of surfaces: steel, wood, or polyester. Using our adhesives and sealants, the floors can be easily attached to any surface. The material also makes it possible to apply floors to stair treads, tubs, galleys, and other interior spaces. Its flexibility makes it possible to process anywhere and to meet your specific requirements. It is even possible to add cut-out initials or names.

In our range, we offer different types of colours teak. You can request samples or visit our showroom to view the samples. Please feel free to contact us regarding either of these options.

tek dek synthetische teakdek aan het werk
tek dek synthetische teakdek voorbeeld

About Easy Tek Dek

Easy-Tek-Dek started with classic shipbuilding many years ago. We covered both large and small ships and boats with wooden teak decks. Since 2003, we have made the conscious choice to switch from real woodwork to synthetic teak decks. We have made this choice because it is better for the environment, the material is easier to process, and it is economically more advantageous. However, the development of synthetic teak has been continual. To the bare eye, a synthetic teak deck is almost impossible to distinguish from real wood. This makes the synthetic variant a fantastic alternative to wooden decks.

The combination of a 100% dutch manufacture, our knowledge, experience, creativity, and craftsmanship means that we have now become a well-known name in Europe and beyond. We can take everything out of your hands when it comes to covering your boat or ship. As a result, you can be assured that the work is carried out in a professional manner and the deck is immediately ready for use after installation. We are also available for self-builders. Based on the supplied material and our advice, we offer opportunities for you to do the job yourself.

Advantages of an Easy Tek Dek

Colour-real appearance

Our synthetic teak decks are true to colour and contain a tangible wood structure. This gives the decks a convincing impression. We currently offer a range different colours. Combine the alternative teak with the black, grey and white lines and edge pieces for a traditional result.

Low maintenance

In contrast to natural teak, our decks are low maintenance. The decks do not need to be sanded or scraped off – neither a lacquer nor oil layer is necessary. Easy to clean with just soap and water.

Sustainable solution

Synthetic teak decks last much longer than traditional wooden decks. In addition, it is a great advantage that the decks retain their colour and do not visibly age. Trees are spared with a alternative teak deck and the material can be recycled at the end of its life.

Easy installation

For self-builders, we offer the option of ordering synthetic teak decks. We supply complete pre-fabricated decks. Based on our clear instructions and supply of adhesives and sealants, it is possible for you to assemble the decks yourself.

Attractive pricing

Easy-Tek-Dek’s synthetic teak decks are attractively priced compared to other alternatives, regardless of whether you lay the decks yourself or have them installed by us. Depending on the size of the project and additional details, we will prepare the best price for you.

Easy Tek Dek’s slip resistance

Easy Tek Dek is classified with a C for slip resistance with barefoot (DIN 51097 (inclination test up to 24 degrees) and a slip resistance value with shoes (DIN 51130) of R11 (inclination test up to 27 degrees).

din 51097
Class rating with barefoot
din 51097
Class rating with barefoot
A new synthetic teak deck for your boat or ship can be carefree and risk free, delivered finished and ready for use.